What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is very popular. Because it can make the face shape more proportional and beautiful and plump lips. It also indicates the brightness of the face that creates charm, looks gentle, enhances physiognomy, builds confidence in socializing and meeting others. By oral surgery is divided into Chestnut-shaped lip surgery, corner-lift surgery and enhance the texture of the lips to make them thicker
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Chestnut-shaped lip surgery
Makes the shape of the lips look healthy and has a slight bulge in the middle of the lips to look more dimensional, adding charm to the lips. It resembles a wishbone or bow, which is called Cupid’s Bow in the medical language and is very popular with Asians. By using Bangmod’s technique, the wound heals quickly and looks stunningly beautiful. which the surgeon will sew with dissolved silk inside to be embossed without cutting the side lip Hiding the wound on the inside of the mouth without having to cut the flesh around the lips (Augmentation Cupid’s Bow) to prevent too thin lips. making it difficult to close the mouth until you can see your teeth or smile and you can see the gums. Another way to be able to decorate the lips to be a chestnut-shaped lip is the injection of fillers (Filler), which is surgery or filler injections. will be determined from the shape of the mouth and the texture of the original lip Therefore, you should come and see your surgeon for an evaluation first.

Lip Lifting Surgery
To trim the shape of the corners of the mouth to make the corners of the lips look lifted which can be surgery to decorate the corners of the mouth together with the mouthpiece for better results to make the lips look more slender as if smiling Make your face look sweet and gentle. which surgery to lift the corners of the mouth as well “Bangmod Technique” is a surgery that goes deep into the muscle layer used to lift the corners of the mouth. Therefore, the results are natural and long lasting. by hiding the wound at the edge of the inner corner of the mouth In the past, Bangmod Hospital Cosmetic Surgery Center has performed surgery to lift the corners of the mouth with this new technique and yields impressive results.

For any reason, lip lift surgery was not popular in the past? In the past, surgery to lift the corners of the mouth was not popular because it has a number of limitations such as surgical incisions that are clearly visible from the outside, less natural and long-lasting results. But nowadays medical techniques have developed a lot. Therefore, the surgery to raise the corners of the mouth gets better and longer results. Addressing the problem of droopy corners of the mouth The face looks naturally sullen. However, the surgery to raise the corners of the mouth May not be suitable for everyone. For those who are interested or have problems with falling lips Therefore, you should undergo a thorough evaluation and consultation with a specialized surgeon before making a decision.

Enhance the texture of the lips to make them thicker.
to increase the plumpness of the lips For those who want thicker lips You can choose to do only the upper or lower lips or both. You can choose to put fat tissue from the patient himself (Fat Grafting) or inject fillers (Filler) into the lip area. which the selection of substances used You should consult your doctor before making a decision.

However, the surgery got good results. Safe and durable, should choose a surgeon who has graduated in a specific field, has experience, knows how to choose a standard hospital or clinic. (safe medical facility) and equipment that meets medical standards The most important thing is the origin. Check with the surgeon first to determine what technique should be performed. To analyze correctly, make it fit safely, prevent problems and complications that will follow.

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