Things to do Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Ohio

Facing an accident is damaging enough, but the struggle begins after it. The time after the accident and filing the claim is highly confusing. There are a lot of doubts in the minds of victims regarding the procedure and requirements. Consult an Ohio Injury Attorney to get the right legal team on your side and help with the claim filing process. 

To ensure you are ready to file the claim, you should make sure to take the following steps beforehand to ease your process. 

  • Seek medical attention.

The first steps after the accident would be to seek proper medical help and tend to your injuries. Make sure to get the necessary treatment and keep records of all the damage done by the accident. It is essential to seek professional help even if you do not feel like you have suffered a severe injury, as some injuries have slow-developing symptoms. 

  • Documentation

It is vital to document the accident and write down all the events that followed the collapse. Details like the incident’s date, time, and place should be mentioned, along with the eyewitnesses present during the accident. Records of the losses suffered by the victim should be maintained, like the destruction of property, loss of wages, and other damages. 

  • Obtaining Evidence

It is suggested to collect any and every piece of evidence related to the incident, no matter how big or small it is. Preservation of physical evidence must be done. They play a vital role in displaying the events that took place during the accident and the losses incurred due to the accident. They also help in assigning blame as well as deciding negligence. Make sure to take pictures of the accident scene along with the surveillance video if possible. They help in strengthening your case and providing accurate information.

  • Keeping Medical records

Medical records help showcase the extent of your injuries caused by accident and help gain the right amount of compensation for recovering the damages. It helps win the lawsuit by displaying the losses in front of the jury. Under HIPAA, you can request to collect your hospital records within a 30-day request. Moreover, this helps prove your injuries and shows that the accident was the proximate cause of your losses. Along with that, hospital bills should also be kept securely to show the amount of money spent by the victim because of the accident, as it facilitates consolidating your case and increases your potential for winning.

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