Go through the Merits and Demerits of Both Plead Guilty and Trials

Getting charged with criminal offenses can be stressful and life-changing. Even if you have committed the crime, life will never be the same for you. If you had been framed falsely, it will be a life-long blemish on your personal, professional, and social life. When the case is filed in court, you need the assistance of qualified lawyers such as They can review your case and discuss the possible outcome. It is important to understand whether you should plead guilty in court or opt for a trial. Let’s look at both solutions:

Merits of pleading guilty

In this case, the defendant confronts the case face-on. Some of its advantages are:

  • It helps save a lot of time because the defendant is coming forward. No hassles of special arrangements are to be done in this case. The case may be resolved in a quicker manner than the trials.
  • Since the lawyer does not have to go to trial, the defendant need not pay any fees. It saves his money at the same time.
  • There have been instances when the defendant has agreed to the plea bargain and it resulted in the removal of charges.

Demerits of pleading guilty

Some of the demerits of this step are:

  • People may be pressurized to plead guilty. In such cases, they may have to accept imprisonment or fines for a crime they have never committed.
  • Their criminal record will always reflect wherever they do. If they are innocent, they will have to face discrimination at every stage of their lives.

Merits of trials

Some of the merits of going to trials are:

  • The defendant gets more time to work on his case. If he has hired an attorney, they can prepare the defense in a better manner.
  • It is the only choice that an innocent person has to prove that he has not committed the crime.
  • In case, the defendant is not guilty, he will receive all the benefits and all charges will be taken off.

Demerits of trials

The disadvantages of going to trial are:

  • It has been observed that the judicial system looks at the evidence. If it is tweaked, the innocent may get punishment. 
  • It is like giving your life in the hands of the judge and the jury

You should carefully choose a criminal lawyer because he can make a difference in your case. 

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