Different types of walls

Walls are like clothes to wear. There are many styles, prices, and colors. The personality of the wearer will change depending on the type and style of clothing. Just like the choice of wall type and wall material for a building directly affects the building. This is because some types of walls are structural works that directly carry loads, such as concrete walls and full masonry walls. There are also some types of walls that are semi-architectural, semi-structural.

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general beauty of the building It is caused by many types of elements, including standardized architectural design. The strength of the underground structure on the ground, the shape of the building that is perfectly proportioned. Perfect indoor utility, shape, roof material and roof color that blends with the building. final exterior wall and interior partition walls

  1. Type of wall or wall or wall is the nature of architectural work that is a piece of sheet placed vertically on a beam or floor. The walls serve to envelop the building. Partition the room, soundproof, fireproof, heat, cold, sun, wind, rain, dust or pollution. But if the wall must directly support the weight of the structure, such as the weight that is pressed on the wall Or receive pressure on the side of the wall, such as soil, water and wind. It is an engineering wall. Wall types are classified according to the material used to make the walls, such as wooden walls, prefabricated walls, glass walls, coated metal walls, masonry walls, and reinforced concrete walls.

– wooden wall or wooden cladding

– prefabricated wall material

– glass wall

– Coated metal wall

– wall material

– Reinforced concrete walls

– fireproof wall

– load-bearing walls

– Wind resistant walls or shear walls

– retaining walls or retaining walls

– Walls that need light to pass through

– double wall

– airy wall

– special wall

  1. Wall cladding around the building Is a large composite glass wall outside the building that is attached to the building by means of clinging to the side beams, pillar sides and floor sides, not resting on the floor or beams, not using ordinary aluminum glass walls as many people understand. The wall paneling components around the building consist of a glass wall. and aluminum frame Can be made into openings for sliding windows in the desired part, suitable for large office buildings that require modernization. However, the design and before installation must be tested. Check the system for leaks, strength and wind resistance from engineers and experts in detail. The walls are divided into 3 types as follows:

– normal

– 2 sides

– 4 sides

  1. Wall requirements for fire prevention which can be summarized as follows:

– Wall means the construction part in the vertical side which separates the outside or between the units of the building as a back or as a separate unit

– A Fireproof wall means a solid wall made of ordinary bricks. with a thickness of not less than 18 centimeters and without openings that allow fire or smoke to pass through Or it will be a solid wall made of other fireproof materials that have good fire protection properties. Not less than a wall made of ordinary bricks with a thickness of 18 centimeters. If a reinforced concrete wall, it must be at least 12 centimeters thick.

– Walls of row houses or row houses must be made with permanent materials. That is a fireproof material. But if it’s made of ordinary bricks or non-reinforced concrete This wall must be at least 8 centimeters thick.

– Permanent material means a material which, ordinarily, is not easily altered by water, fire or weather.

– Refractory means a non-fuel building material.

– Ordinary brick means the clay that is made into sticks. and cooked

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