Cheap Gaming PC Buying Guide

While getting a PC, you will come across two thoughts: either build it yourself or get one from the market. To build a PC or get a pre-built PC, you need to decide about its parts. You need to consider what type of components should be there in the PC. Instead of wasting your money on a random one, you should do some search. If you want to get a cheap gaming PC, you need to compromise on some things. Try to focus on main things like hard drive, RAM, etc. You should go for the things that can let you play your favorite games. You’ll get several choices available in the market for gaming PC with different components. If you want a cheap gaming PC, your choice will narrow down. Now you need to decide the best one in your budget.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Gaming PC

Before getting a gaming PC, the first thing you should consider is what games do you want to play. For some games, you don’t need to consume more money. If you can get a cheap gaming PC for your games, you don’t need to spend extra money. For mostly playing AAA single-player games, you shouldn’t even spend on a gaming Computer. You might end up wasting money. The privilege of playing demanding single-player games on a gaming PC lets you easily update your hardware as game tech improves.

Should I Buy a Gaming PC or Build One?

If you have time, then assemble a PC on your own is a good choice. You can easily build a gaming PC at a lesser price with better specifications. The cost of configuring a PC can be much lesser than buying a pre-built PC. You can choose your choice of components, which means you can make a gaming PC according to your requirements and needs. If you want, you can also get some high-quality components at a lower price. From the net, you can get help to customize it yourself.

In another way, buying a pre-built PC can save you much time and is easy to get. You don’t need your time customizing or getting different parts after a lot of research. It also ensures that the parts will work together stably. They provide more compatibility of components like software, drivers, and such things. A pre-built PC might cost you more than building your own. You can get a Pre-built gaming PC at a lesser price with good components if you start researching available products in the CLS Computer Shop. You might need to compromise on some factors while going for a cheaper one.

Products Choice for Building or Pre-Built PC

The given are the products you should not compromise on even while building or getting a PC:

  • CPU

All users, whether gamers or not, mostly focus on the CPU in the PC. Intel Corei9 is the best chip in every case, but you don’t need it for your gaming PC. You should look for minimum specs for your gaming PC that can work best with your favorite games. Before configuring or getting a pre-built one, you need to decide on the CPU. Most of the games like Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, etc will run on a Core i3 CPU. Even without the support of graphics, it’ll run these games. Core i5 and a discrete graphics card are the recommended ones to play your games with fun.

  • Gpu

GPU is something that affects the games look great. It handles several things like resolution, frame rates, colors, and others. There’s no need to go for the top-of-the-line graphics card to enjoy amazing-looking games. After thinking that the CPU is powerful, the next thing gamers focus on is the GPU. The power graphics chip is beneficial for first-person shooters like Crysis 3 or Deus Ex as they require complex visuals. A lesser powerful can work for strategy titles. If you’re okay with playing your games on a lower resolution to make your gaming PC cheap, you can go for a less powerful GPU. You can go for a mid-level grafikkarten or a higher-end card from a few years ago. These two ways can be a way to save money.

  • Memory

The memory or RAM of a PC requires some understanding. Size and speed are two main factors that affect the way memory react to computing performance. Speed is the factor that decides how fast you can work with the information, while size decides how much information your PC can work in one time. For gamers, the memory should be high; otherwise, it can affect the CPU’s speed. The gamers require the CPU to do some heavy lifting, for which slow memory can limit the speed. If you keep other tabs close while playing your game a smaller amount of fast memory can provide you good performance at the time of need.

  • Hard Drives

There are two types of hard drives that include SSD and HDD. SSD allows you to store information even after the computer shuts down. They have more write and read speeds than HDD. SSD can help in instantly launching apps. These features make SSD the best for gamers. As compared to HDDs, SSDs are quite expensive. If you want your price to get down, you can go for less SSD memory or go for HDDs.

  • Other Components

You can save your money by spending less on other components. They are not the main things that can make your gaming PC best for you. Still, go for the ones that don’t damage early.


You can build a custom gaming PC at a lower price, but it may take some time to get all the components required. You need to spend some time as well as your energy on research and building up. While getting a gaming PC from the market can be easy. You’ll get hundreds of choices available in the market for gaming PC. Some of which will cost higher, some will not. It can be hectic and difficult to choose the best one from the choices. You may find that building a cheap gaming PC is better than getting a pre-built one in some ways.

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