Why are motorcycle accidents considered so disastrous?

Research states that motorcycle riders are 28 times more prone to fatal accidents. But people love riding motorbikes due to the sense of freedom and a better view of beautiful roads. Motorbikes are also economical compared to cars; they can get into the narrowest of streets. People also prefer riding motorcycles as they can help you reach a destination quickly and skip traffic. But despite all these, the most dangerous and fatal road accidents occur due to motorcycles. Tuite Law has stated why motorcycle accidents are more dangerous and disastrous when compared to any other auto accident:

  1. Limited gear: A car offers seat belts, airbag features when you hit, and overall protection due to its structure. However, for bikers, the only gear is their helmet and gloves; hence, if you are caught in a motorcycle accident, you can sustain severe injuries all over your minishortner body.
  2. Severe Brain Injuries: One of the most disastrous outcomes of a motorcycle accident is that it can cause traumatic brain injuries. In a car accident, there are chances that you won’t sustain excessive injuries. However, when riding on a motorbike, if you are caught in a severe accident, there are chances that your helmet can also pop out and cause severe brain injuries that can be fatal.
  3. Less powerful brakes: Bigger vehicles have more powerful brakes when compared to a motorcycle. If you are driving a car and have a situation where you need an instant brake application, you can save yourself. However, in a similar condition, if you ride a bike, your motorcycle can lose control and skit on the road causing damage.
  4. Less control over the vehicle: When you compare the steering wheel of a car with the driving handle of a bike, you’ll realize how easy it is to lose control over your motorcycle compared to a car. A car is a more stable vehicle to drive; hence, motorcycle riders lose control of their bike and get into an accident more often.

Everywhere approximately 3,80,000 people lose their life due to motorcycle accidents which are far more than any other auto accident. Furthermore, most motorcycle accidents result in the rider’s death due to the severity of injuries they sustain all over their body. Hence, it is better and safer if you drive a car if you can afford one. And if you cannot afford a car, then ride your motorcycle safely and follow all the traffic rules to avoid coming across a situation that will be traumatizing for you and your loved latestforyouth ones.

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