The Best Neighborhoods in Arlington, VA

Arlington is a gorgeous city that’s able to bring together all of the excitement of living near the capital, with enough freedom and space to ensure you never feel stir-crazy. If you’re considering moving here, it’s important to pick the right area.

These are the top neighborhoods in Arlington and why they should be your next choice!

What Makes Arlington Worth Moving To?

Arlington is the best choice for anyone wanting to move and further their career, start a family or even get an education. Being close to the capital means there are countless jobs available in almost any industry you could think of, plus you have your choice from some of the best schools in the nation.

This is also an extremely green and outdoorsy area. If you ever need time to get away and find some life balance, you can easily do that at one of the countless parks, walkways, or historical landmarks that are open to the public.

1. Aurora Highlands

Sometimes called the Village by locals, Aurora Highlands is a gorgeous area that’s known for a strong sense of community and a very clear street layout that makes it impossible to get lost. As a designated historic district, you never have to worry about high rises getting in the way of your view or this area getting crowded and out of control.

The average home in the Aurora Highlands area was just over $1.2 million at the end of 2022, but there’s no telling what the future holds.

2. Cherrydale

If you’re looking for life on the sweeter side, despite the high price of Arlington real estate, it’s time to check out Cherrydale! On the northern side of Arlington, this beautiful area has its name from the cherry trees once planted here by George Washington.

This is the best neighborhood for anyone wanting to start a family or who wants to stop and slow things down. Homes here are usually historical single-family residences with a classic craftsman or farmhouse style.

3. Barcroft Park

If you want to scale things back to a more comfortable and affordable neighborhood, you might want to consider Barcroft. This beautiful area is very connected to the residents, with regular community gatherings and parties and wonderful outdoor places like Bon Air Park Rose Garden and Alcova Heights Park.

The school system here offers multiple different learning times, like year-round and experiential learning, instead of the classic August to May year.

4. Shirlington

Shirlington is quickly becoming known as one of the fastest-growing and most interesting neighborhoods in the city. Not only are properties here gaining value, but they’re stunning and offer a lot more space than the average homeowner could expect in a large city.

Shirlington homes are the most affordable on this list, by far, with the average home at the end of 2022 ringing in at just $450,000! This is an artsy area that would be great to start a family in.

Arlington Has Everything!

From awesome food to incredible career options, you’ll never run out of reasons to move to Arlington. Consider moving to one of these amazing neighborhoods soon! You can visit Market Finance News for me.

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