Sip Your Way to Financial Success: The Best Mutual Funds for SIP

In order to build a sound financial future, it is essential to start investing at an early stage. Now, savings doesn’t mean just keeping some money on the side, but it means strategic investing. Your invested money enables you to enjoy a quality life and helps a way out of all the uncertainties of life. 

So around five months ago, when I was planning to invest in a Fixed deposit or FD, and just like any other individual, I went on the internet and searched for the best mutual funds for SIP. After thorough research and guidance from my colleagues, I finally initiated my first investment.  

What is SIP?

A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment plan where a regular fixed amount is invested in the Mutual Fund scheme as per your preference newmags. A fixed amount is deducted every month, and as the term indicates, it is a systematic method of investing fixed amounts of money monthly, quarterly or even semi-annually etc.

While going for such an investment, it is important to take into consideration the best performing mutual funds.

What are the benefits of a SIP?

  • Higher Returns

As compared to investment options such as recurring or fixed deposits, a SIP generally offers double the returns when you invest in the best performing mutual funds. This, moreover, helps in beating the inflated costs businesslognews

  • Emergency fund

SIP undoubtedly acts as a saviour during tough times. It is an open-ended fund without tenure, so it can be withdrawn as a contingent fund. 

  • Start Small

When you plan to invest in SIP, you can start from as small as Rs 500 every month and see it grow exponentially with time. irtdaily It is a simple and convenient investment scheme that makes you save more. 

  • Flexible

As I mentioned, SIP is an open-ended fund that offers tremendous flexibility and can be withdrawn at any time as per your choice. So, without incurring any losses, one can withdraw either the full or partial amount. Also, notably, the investment amount is flexible as it can be increased or even decreased easily.

What are the top 10 mutual funds for sip to invest in 2022?

  1. Axis Bluechip Fund
  2. Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund
  3. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund
  4. UTI Flexi Cap Fund
  5. Axis Midcap Fund
  6. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund
  7. Axis Small Cap Fund
  8. SBI Small Cap Fund
  9. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund
  10. Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund

If you plan to invest in these best mutual funds for SIP, you can easily do it from where I did recently. The Bajaj Finserv application is one of the most effortless platforms to use when it comes to such investments. With just a few simple steps, you are good to go without even physically visiting the financial institution artdailynewsonline

Now, I’m not promoting any organization/brand here but just sharing my personal experience so readers can understand it better.

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