Settling Your Car Accident Claim In Bellevue: Check These Tips

When injured in a motor vehicle accident in Bellevue, you have reasons to feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially when your medical bills and other losses are piling up. If the other driver was negligent, speeding, or drunk, you have the right to file an injury claim, as Washington is a fault state. You may want to consult a car accident lawyer at this point, and if you want a free case assessment, click here. Before you settle your claim, here are some tips you need to know.

Don’t miss seeking and keeping up with the medical treatment

Your medical records and bills are critical for your claim, and you should seek medical treatment immediately. Listen to your doctor and stay away from work if advised. Keep a file that contains everything related to your injuries, which will come in handy to evaluate the damages.

Keep relevant evidence safe

At the accident scene, you should use the time to collect supporting evidence. From the injury pictures to videos of the damaged vehicles and road conditions, you need every detail. You are the claimant, which means you have to provide the evidence to recover compensation. Your lawyer will want to see these details before they take further steps.

Don’t give a recorded statement

The insurance company will want to settle the claim immediately, and you could be asked to give a recorded statement. The claims adjuster is only looking for information that can go against your claim because they want to reduce the settlement. Unless you are confident of the expected compensation, do not say anything or sign a general release.

Don’t accept the first insurance deal

Your fair settlement should include the cost of your medical bills, property damage, future medical care, and lost wages. As per Washington laws, you could also recover non-economic damages, including the pain and emotional distress you have endured. The insurance company will never offer the compensation you deserve unless you negotiate aggressively.

See a personal injury attorney

As we discussed, hiring a personal injury attorney is the best way to deal with an auto accident claim. Lawyers with years of experience will evaluate the circumstances and give you a better review of the case. They also work on a contingency fee for such matters, which means you don’t need to have money to seek legal help. A skilled and competent lawyer will take care of the insurance claims process.

Don’t rush into settling your claim – You could be eligible for a better amount.

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