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If you enjoy playing video slots, you’ve probably heard of King Kong. His ability to form two different winning combinations on one spin is a big plus. But what about his other features? Is there more to this slot machine than meets the eye? Continue reading to learn more. Here are some of my favorite features. 13. King Kong Slot Joker Online

Master Joker’s ability to create two different winning combinations on just one spin

The main feature of this slot is the wild symbol, which can substitute for all symbols, except for scatters. It can be anywhere on the screen, even in the middle of a winning combination. In other words, it can form two different winning combinations with just one spin! However, this feature can only be activated if the wild symbol lands on the third reel. If it does, the spin will be paid out in two different ways!

The aerial game of Master Joker is comparable to his ground game. Its aerials are the fastest and have the best range. It can cross up on a shield or an opponent. The aerial moves are also the most versatile. You can use the up aerial as a followup move. This will allow you to pressure shields and land behind opponents with a high percentage.

In the 1977-86 syndicated series, the bonus prize was awarded for three of the same category, minus the Joker. This bonus prize was renamed the Natural Triple Jackpot. The payout was also increased if the bonus feature was present, but did not change the scoring. During the tournament of Champions, the “champion” had the option to spin one last time and hope to tie up the competition.

Empire Free Spins feature

This  สล็อต xo game’s unique Empire Free Spins feature catapults players to the top of the Empire State Building, and their goal is to collect golden money symbols before the bomb symbol explodes. To win, you must match at least three barrel symbols. If you manage to get a winning combination, the symbols will become one. This bonus feature can be re-triggered whenever you hit a winning combination.

The Empire Free Spins feature is similar to that of Golden Kong, except that it takes place in New York City. In this game, you earn extra free spins by landing Golden Monkey symbols. As you play, you can collect as many as 40 wild symbols. During the final stage, the game will have wild super spins and bombs. Once you’ve collected enough wild symbols, you’ll get a prize worth up to a million dollars.

The graphics and sounds of the game are impressive. The graphics are clear and colorful, with an animated kingkong slotxo that screams “good luck!” There’s also a bonus ladder, where players are randomly assigned one of five ladder options. Barrel Blast rewards you with a cash bundle, while King Kong Trail gives you a chance to win even more. The Empire Free Spins feature is also a rewarding one, with higher wilds and modifiers.

Trail and Free Spins feature

You can enjoy the Trail and Free Spins feature of kingkongxo slot joker to the fullest. The Trail is a unique slot feature wherein players must choose three monkeys and blast them. The free spins are the most rewarding part of the game. The game has 9 different bonus features including the Big Money Bonus and King Kong Cash. The Big Money Bonus offers a top payout of 1000x your stake.


The Free Spins feature on King Kong slot jokes work exactly as the name implies. The objective is to collect the golden money symbols before you encounter the bomb symbol. If you get the bomb, the Free Spins feature will end. Otherwise, you will have to play through a sequence of Free Spins to win. The Trail and Free Spins feature can also trigger the Big Money Bonus. Once you have accumulated enough gold, you’ll receive a prize.

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