How Does URL Shortening Work?

URL Shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web where a Uniform Resource Locator can be made shorter while still directing to the required page. This is achieved by creating a redirect that links to the long URL. Here’s how URL Shortening works:


For a business, Linktree is a popular ย่อลิงค์ service. Its streamlined interface allows you to store multiple links in one link and direct users to a single landing page. This way, customers can easily access the different products you have to offer in a single place. It is popular among digital creators and influencers. Free accounts allow you to embed as many links as you want, though they do not provide analytics for individual links.

Although SmartURL is popular among celebrities, Linktree is a more widely used alternative. It offers more features, such as affiliate information. Premium users also have a lot more control over how their links are shared. In short, both services offer a lot of features. Although Linktree is the more popular service, you need to weigh your team’s size and your budget before deciding on which service to use.


When you’re looking for a service that will shorten your เว็บย่อลิงค์, Bitly is a great option. The website redirects long links to shorter ones, which you can share on social networks, chat services, and in forum discussions. If you’re not comfortable with the length of your long URLs, you can also copy the Bitly link to your clipboard and place it in documents or emails. Then, every time someone clicks on the shortened link, the user will be directed back to the long link that was originally created.

The Bitly website is easy to use, and the service provides many ways to create shortened links. In addition to the official Bitly service, users can also install a number of browser extensions and applications that make creating and distributing short links easy. A mobile application is available to allow users to shorten URLs on the go. There are several features and benefits to using Bitly, and we hope this article will help you make the right choice.


The Rebrandly Short URL service is a custom-designed URL shortener. It enables users to customize the short URL around their domain name, which helps build trust and brand recognition. With Rebrandly, users can monitor click analytics based on device, country, and operating system. This is particularly useful for businesses and marketers looking to increase engagement with social audiences. Here are three advantages of Rebrandly that you should know.

Rebrandly is a URL shortening service that extends the branding feature by allowing users to share links with a custom domain name. The service offers advanced click tracking, blacklist protection, bulk link generation, and support for 1000 latest gTLDs. Rebrandly also provides its users with a smart dashboard and guarantees scalability and flexibility. Unlike many other URL shortening services, Rebrandly allows users to manage their branded links. Users can even track which links have been clicked or redirected by other users.


If you’ve ever wanted a short URL, Owly is a great option. Owly offers a free service, but in order to get the full benefit, you’ll need a Hootsuite account. If you already have a Hootsuite account, you can access Owly without a free plan. Otherwise, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Here are some of the benefits of using Owly:


URL shortening services are a great way to make your links easier to remember and less cluttered. While they don’t necessarily make the links longer, you can use them to track how many people click on them and how much traffic they are generating. These services have a lot of great features and are worth the price. When choosing a URL shortener, it’s important to make sure you know how safe it is before using it.

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