How can poor road conditions lead to car accidents?

Bad road conditions are a significant reason behind road accidents. We have often heard that potholes have caused casualties and damage to people. Tiny vehicles like autos, bikes, and scooters are caught in accidents due to bad road conditions. According to research, most fatal accidents occur when the road quality is bad or damaged. When someone is rashly driving, bad roads become an even more critical part of accidents. The accidents that can be avoided are accelerated due to damaged roads. Besides small vehicles, car accidents are also affected due to bad road conditions. Here, learn more about why bad roads can lead to car accidents:

  • Bumpy roads: When you are driving fast on the road, and the road condition is terrible, it can lead to a bumpy ride. Bad road conditions with speed driving can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, and you might not be able to apply brakes on time. This may result in you crashing into another car or damaging your automobile due to bumping into the roadside or divider.
  • Potholes and sinkholes: Potholes and sinkhole accidents have been an essential topic in the news, especially in heavy-traffic regions. Potholes cause various accidents. The hazards increase during rains when potholes and sinkholes are covered with water, and people don’t identify them. If your vehicle gets stuck in a pothole or sinkhole, it can burst your tires, becoming a severe accident.
  • Broken concrete: The most common type of road damage is broken concrete. If the road is built with poor-quality concrete, it will develop cracks shortly, and these cracks can cause car accidents if not identified on time. Broken roads can cause your car to sink into the ground, and you will be stuck until you are rescued. 
  • Exposed Rebar: Poor road quality will slowly uncover the rebar, and this can cause car accidents. Exposed rebar can cause the tires to burst or rollover accidents and injuries. Sudden exposure to rebars will result in losing control of your vehicle, and you can crash into another car. Even if you apply brakes suddenly after spotting a damaged road, the car behind you can crash into you.

Road accidents can lead to severe injuries. Due to negligence, many people can suffer and end up losing their life. Car accidents can cause brain injuries, bone fractures, and some irreversible injuries to drivers and other people on the roads. Even minor accidents, like if you slip and fall, can lead to severe injuries; imagine the impact a car accident can have on you. Responsible driving is essential but destructive roads can cause accidents even if you drive safely. Hence, one must ensure that they are extra careful, and if you complain to the responsible authority, it is even better.

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