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In Aeternam

The angsty, Sorrows of Young Werther mood of neo-expressionism--the agonal existentialism, the ersatz-Greco titles that would have embarrassed Hans Hofmann in his deepest Memoria in Aeternum mode, the breezy way that the critic can remark that "the new painting refers to a realm beyond language, to a seeing saturated by history and desiring both the provocation and the destruction of history.

English words for in aeternum include for ever, forever, eternally, endlessly and always. Find more Latin words at !

In aeternum, Domine, verbum tuum permanet in caelo. Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne. WikiMatrix. Ira Dei brevi tempore manet, misericordia autem eius in aeternum. God’s anger lasts but a moment, his mercy forever.

What does aeternam mean in Latin? English Translation. eternal. Find more words!

All of the above plus signed copies of the film's pre-production artwork as well as the one of a kind Astronaut suit used in the actual making of In Aeternam. (Suit is reserved for the highest donator in the case of multiple donations over $) Less.

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