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In The Shop

IN THE SHOP is a design and consulting agency. We provide unique services while merging a community of creative minds. Consulting Services based in California.

in the shop To be "in the shop" means that one is recovering from a particularly brutal hangover. Usually seen lying on the bed, couch, floor, etc. covered head to toe with a blanket.

"At the shop" tells the listener you are in or close enough to the shop to be considered on the premises. "In the shop" is more specific and tells the listener you are within the walls of the shop. Using at puts you at that location. Using in puts you within the location and is Reviews: 7.

 · You can say "I'm at / in the shop" to indicate your presence there. However, "I'm in the shop" can also mean that you work in the shop, depending on the context. Personally, I prefer "I'm at the shop".

 · (i) if you are a customer, in the shop = inside the shop, (ii) if you are standing on the pavement in front of the shop, you are at the shop. (iii) if you work at the shop, you are at the Interaction Count:

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