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Download Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Onofrio Message) album flac mp3

Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Onofrio Message)

 · Listen to Take Your Time (Do It Right) by Maxamillion on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Take Your Time (Do It Right) [Radio Mix]", "Take Your Time (Do It Right.

Max-A-Million - Take Your Time (Do IT Right) (Onofrio's Message).wmv.

Remix. 'Round We Go (Club Mix) and 2 more. Big Sister - 'Round We Go. You're A Dog (Tribal Dub Mix) and 1 more. Gillette - You're A Dog. Work That Love (Work That Underground) and 1 more. Junior Flex* - Work That Love. Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Onofrio Message) and 1 more.

"Take Your Time (Do It Right)" is the debut single by the S.O.S. Band. It was released on Ma as the lead single from the debut album S.O.S. through .

 ·  · 1. Sincerely - Meaning: I’m not in a rush; take all the time you need. Example: I'm waiting for my friend Jenny to meet me for coffee. Jenny is running late but I have a book with me so I don’t mind the wait. Jenny: I’m so sorry. I’m running late but I should be there soon. Me: Take your time (I’m not in a rush so there’s no need to hurry). 2.

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