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Second War In Heaven

This is the sequel to the first volume, "THE WAR FOR HEAVEN." In my many hours of research for the 1st volume, I kept coming across another war for heaven,called, "THE SECOND WAR FOR HEAVEN." So I looked it up, and the 2nd war for heaven is happening now during present day, due to the ongoing conflict between good and : $

 · This next event, a war in heaven, will not be able to be seen with the naked eye by the people who are still left on the earth as the 7 year Tribulation starts to unfold. What happens in this next incredible event is that Satan and all of his fallen angels are cast out of heaven and cast down onto the earth by St. Michael and his army of angels. There will literally be a war in the heavens between God’s angels and Satan and his fallen s:

 · The War in Second Heaven. There is coming in the last days a war in Second Heaven. In this war Satan will fall even farther than He has before. He has no access to the Third Heaven now and when the war takes place, him and all his evil spirits in the Second Heaven will be cast out into the Earth.

 ·  · So yes, there will be a final great war following the Millennium, but this war will be fought on earth (note that the battle of Gog and Magog covers “the breadth of the earth” and lays siege to “the beloved city” “of the saints”). This war is really an extension of the war started in heaven. Cast out, Satan has taken his fallen angels and joined them with the evil systems of this world to wage war Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

 · The war started when Jesus ascended jntonheaven 40 days after His resurrection and ends before the second woe, but after the first woe. The war in Heaven is about to end, and satan is going to be cast down. The war will have been avout years long. ted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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