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Passed This Way

This chicken, or crowing cock, was to become the national symbol of France after the Celts had passed that way. This stream of Celts poured into Asia Minor and even into Greece. So numerous were they in one part of Asia Minor the Greeks called the land “Galatia,” meaning “The Country of the Strangers,” this name “Stranger” being the Celtic word “Gall”.

Edited 1/30/13 I Passed This Way () by Sylvia Ashton-Warner: "The internationally renowned educator and novelist writes of her New Zealand childhood, her haphazard education, her marriage, her years of teaching, her country's rejection of her lifework, her years of /5.

 · 1. They Passed This Way Marker. Inscription. They Passed This Way. Paducah. Home to thousands of men, women, and children, the Cherokee Nation once spread across parts of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. The Indian Removal Act required that the Cherokee and other southeastern tribes surrender their land and move west.

 · “Hitler Passed This Way” records the damage across London following years of bombing by using before and after photos to show what had been lost. The booklet also provides a short history and a record of the casualties at each ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”. Etienne de Grellet, a Quaker missionary. This was on a plaque hanging in my grandmother’s kitchen when I was growing up. She was the woman I most admired in life. She lived it every day. That plaque resides in my kitchen now. I try to live up to her example.

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