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Clinical Significance. Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) with Reflex to Anti C3 and Anti IgG (REFL) - The DAT (Direct Coomb's test) is positive if red cells have been coated, in vivo, with immunoglobulin, complement, or both. A positive result can occur in immune-mediated red cell destruction, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, a transfusion reaction or in patients receiving certain drugs.

Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) with Reflex to Anti C3 and Anti IgG. IMPORTANT - NOTE THIS IS A REFLEX TEST AND AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF $64 WILL OCCUR IF THE QUEST RUNS THE REFLEX TEST. If DAT (Coombs, Direct) is positive, Anti C3d and Anti IgG will be performed at an additional charge of $ Reference Range(s) Negative. Clinical Significance.

 · The Babinski reflex (plantar reflex) was described by the neurologist Joseph Babinski in Since that time, it has been incorporated into the standard neurological examination. The Babinski reflex is easy to elicit without sophisticated equipment. Also, it requires little active patient participation, so it can be performed in patients who are otherwise unable to cooperate with the.

 · The sucking reflex is important for coordination with breathing and swallowing. It is observed when the oral region is stimulated or an object is inserted into the mouth and is first seen at 14 weeks gestation. The snout reflex is when the lips pucker after pressure on the upper lip.

DAT can detect molecules of IgG and molecules of C’ Polyspecific reagent If positive, then IgG and C3d specific reagents DAT may be positive without evidence of hemolysis; Therefore clinical info important Serologic Investigation of a positive DAT • Previous slideÆwhat proteins are coating the cell: IgG only, complement File Size: 63KB.

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