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A Human, Deconditioned

unnatural states of the human body. Look at the patient lying alone in bed What a pathetic picture he makes. The blood clotting in his veins. The lime draining from his bones. The scybola stacking up in his colon. The flesh rotting from his seat. The urine leaking from his distended bladder.

However, when a person in a deconditioned state then tries to exercise the heart has to work much harder to pump more blood around the body and this quickly leads to fatigue. People who are very fit have a low resting heart rate- you will have heard of elite athletes having a heart rate in the 40’s (normal is considered ).

 · Disuse or disuse syndrome and deconditioning are terms associated with this loss of functional capacity. The disuse syndrome was first described by Bortz in 7 He pointed out how our society had become progressively more sedentary, adhering .

 · Deconditioning is a serious problem in many exercise routines because a very deconditioned person will sweat profusely and become dangerously shaky when participating in only a few minutes of regular exercise, even tai chi or walking. A person in this condition needs to start slow, with as much support at hand as ted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Deconditioning is adaptation of an organism to less demanding environment, or, alternatively, the decrease of physiological adaptation to normal conditions. Decondition may result from decreased physical activity, prescribed bed rest, orthopedic casting, paralysis, aging, etc.. A particular interest in the study of deconditioning is in aerospace medicine, to diagnose, fight, and prevent.

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