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Faraway Suns

Faraway suns, their arms burdened with purple planets. Bright wells serving the will of the people, the strangest people, who are very like us, and very much different, who wish upon stars, studying their bones, and who wonder – outlandish questions for which .

The Sun is at an average distance of about 93,, miles ( million kilometers) away from Earth. It is so far away that light from the Sun, traveling at a speed of , miles (, kilometers) per second, takes about 8 minutes to reach us.

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 · The 93 million mile distance between the sun and the earth is also referred to as an astronomical unit. The astronomical unit (AU) is the measurement used in science and space technology to describe the distance between the sun and the earth.

Many people's work was needed to prove that the Sun is a star. The first person we know of to suggest that the Sun is a star up close (or, conversely, that stars are Suns far away) was Anaxagoras, around BC. It was again suggested by Aristarchus of Samos, but this idea did not catch on.

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