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 · Iluminados: Directed by Cristina Leal. With Mário Carneiro, Walter Carvalho, Fernando Duarte, Pedro Farkas. Documentary about the great Brazilian photographers who helped develop Brazilian cinema and their opinions on their work, making movies in Brazil and in general, and other subjects. As a bonus, they all agreed to shoot the same scene following their individual concepts, and /10(41).

adjective. 1. (spiritually aware) a. enlightened. Un grupo de eruditos iluminados fundó una sociedad para celebrar sus rituales.A group of enlightened scholars founded a society to celebrate their rituals. This means that the noun can be masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of person it refers to (e.g. el doctor, la doctora).

 · Los Iluminados constituyen una de las organizaciones secretas más famosas del mundo. Su membresía, fuente continua de rumores, implica a varias figuras públicas. Pero, ¿qué sabemos sobre ellos?

Los Illuminati aboga. por la creación de un Nuevo Orden Mundial. Los padres de los dos niños asesinados en Godella (Valencia) se decían seguidores de este movimiento.

Los Iluminados existed in Europe for an indeterminite length of time, though had a presense in Spain for several centuries. The first Castellan of the region, in fierce opposition to the religion's teachings, launched a violent repression on its activities. Modern times.

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